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T Rex

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  • T Rex Alberta
    T Rex Alberta
    Actual Item
    £129.00 T Rex Alberta
    Out of Stock
    Empower your music | Alberta is quite unique; she makes your guitar sing. She provides instant access to the kind of warm overdrive and emotive distortion usually reserved...

  • T Rex Bloody Mary
    T Rex Bloody Mary
    Actual Item
    £115.00 T Rex Bloody Mary
    Out of Stock
    Empower your music | True power - 5-dial sound customization, giving you complete control of High, Mid and Low settings, and Gain and Level. The Body switch adds a distinct...

  • T Rex Comp Nova
    T Rex Comp Nova
    Actual Item
    £129.00 T Rex Comp Nova
    Out of Stock
    Empower your music | COMP-NOVA. A compressor that among professionals is considered to be among the best guitar compressors in the business. Unlike similar productsOLD,...

  • T Rex Dr Swamp V2
    T Rex Dr Swamp V2
    Actual Item
    £169.00 T Rex Dr Swamp V2
    In Stock
    Empower your music | T-Rex Engineering is pleased to announce a new version of our renowned Dr Swamp distortion pedal ? now raised to the second power. With two Dr Swamps in...

  • T Rex Gull Wah
    T Rex Gull Wah
    Actual Item
    £189.00 T Rex Gull Wah
    In Stock
    The T Rex Gull Wah is T Rexs first ever wah pedal. They have taken all the best elements from different wahs and combined them into a single pedal. The Gull Wah come equipped...

  • T Rex Hobo Drive
    T Rex Hobo Drive
    Actual Item
    £184.00 T Rex Hobo Drive
    Out of Stock
    The new HOBO DRIVE from T-Rex Effects is a spectacular overdrive pedal that’s built to put you firmly in the driver’s seat. HOBO DRIVE is so configurable and so...

  • T Rex Luxury Drive
    T Rex Luxury Drive
    Actual Item
    £139.00 £89.00 T Rex Luxury Drive
    Out of Stock
    Empower your musicThe Luxury Drive is based on simplicity, durability and most of all tone. This baby is designed to serve as a boost to drive your overdrive/distortion...

  • T Rex Michael Angelo Batio Overdrive
    T Rex Michael Angelo Batio Overdrive
    Actual Item
    £139.00 £69.00 T Rex Michael Angelo Batio Overdrive
    Out of Stock
    Empower your music Guitar phenomenon Michael Angelo Batio was in a dilemma. He is twice the guitarist, and he plays twice the guitar. But he didn?t have twice the overdrive...

  • T Rex Moller
    T Rex Moller
    Actual Item
    £169.00 T Rex Moller
    In Stock
    Empower your music | MÇ?LLER is a classic overdrive pedal that provides a wealth of dynamic overdriven tones with superb tonal control, as well as separate transparent 0-20...

  • T Rex Mudhoney
    T Rex Mudhoney
    Actual Item
    £129.00 T Rex Mudhoney
    Out of Stock
    Empower your music | This pedal is designed for those who want an in-your-face wall of guitar sound jumping of the speakers. The boost button and the tone knob enable you to...

  • T Rex MudHoney II
    T Rex MudHoney II
    Actual Item
    £199.00 T Rex MudHoney II
    Out of Stock
    If you still haven?t heard a T-Rex Mudhoney, do yourself a favour and plug one in next time you?re at the music store. | Dirty and sweet, this classic dual distortion pedal...

  • T Rex Octavius
    T Rex Octavius
    Actual Item
    £199.00 T Rex Octavius
    Out of Stock
    Jimi Hendrix might be called the father of effect pedals, with his innovative use of distortion pedals, wah-wahs, vibes and phase shifters. So it?s no surprise that the...

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