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  • Admira Almeria
    Admira Almeria
    Actual Item
    £185.00 Admira Almeria
    In Stock
    Full size classical guitar, one of the most popular models in the world and highly recommended by tutors. Oregon pine top Sapelli back and sides African mahogany neck Mongoy...

  • Admira Caprichio
    Admira Caprichio
    Actual Item
    £239.00 Admira Caprichio
    Out of Stock
    Solid Top Capricho Capricho by Admira guitars.Satin finished Mukali wood sets off a very natural guitar. Bound with contrasting timber, the Capricho is understated class...

  • Admira Classico
    Admira Classico
    Actual Item
    £149.00 Admira Classico
    Out of Stock
    The highly-acclaimed Classico has a 7/8 Size body with full size neck, so correct fingering can be achieved, yet the smaller body just makes handling the instrument that bit...

  • Admira Concerto
    Admira Concerto
    Actual Item
    £289.00 Admira Concerto
    In Stock
    The Concerto is a full size satin finished classical featuring rosewood back and sides Solid Cedar satin top Rosewood satin back and sides African mahogany neck Mongoy...

  • Admira Espana
    Admira Espana
    Actual Item
    £209.00 Admira Espana
    In Stock
    One step up from the Almeria, the Espana features darkened sapelli back and sides on this our most popular full size entry level classical Oregon pine top Sapelli Back and...

  • Admira Malaga
    Admira Malaga
    Actual Item
    £219.00 Admira Malaga
    In Stock
    A big step from our student Classical guitars the Malaga is ideal for any serious player going to the next level after there first guitar. Full size classical Solid Cedar Top...

  • Admira Sevilla
    Admira Sevilla
    Actual Item
    £239.00 Admira Sevilla
    Out of Stock
    A beautifully built full size spanish guitar featuring blonde sapelli back and sides Solid Cedar top Blonde Sapelli back and sides African mahogany neck Mongoy fingerboard |...

  • Admira Sombra
    Admira Sombra
    Actual Item
    £315.00 Admira Sombra
    Out of Stock
    Solid Top Sombra Sombra by Admira guitars.A real step up, the Sombra has a Solid Cedar top with a striking Black back and sides...

  • Admira Virtuoso
    Admira Virtuoso
    Actual Item
    £399.00 Admira Virtuoso
    In Stock
    Solid Top Virtuoso by Admira guitars. The Award-Winning Virtuoso looks as good as you would expect. A brilliant lacquer brings out the tone-wood's natural beauty...

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