‘Hurricane’ Nita Strauss Touched Down at Sounds Great Music

May 24, 2016

On the 19th March, Hurricane Nita blasted through Sounds Great Music.

Nita Strauss made a name for herself after being selected to play Mega Murray in the Iron Maidens, the all female Iron Maiden tribute act. More recently she received another tremendous metal honour, chosen as one of the “Triple Axe Attack” of none other than the legendary Alice Cooper.

The whole shop was buzzing and packed with fans of Nita, Ibanez and great guitar playing. Nita kicked off the event with a storming version of Aces High, a great number to start the show, then went on to entertain us with some great stories, positive vibes and more excellent playing.

Nita is well known for playing Ibanez guitars and her personal favourites are the S Series. These super slim guitars were introduced in 1987 as the Sabre (S) series around the same time as the thicker bodied RG. As Nita explained, these S series guitars are a perfect fit for her as the thin bodies make the guitar super light, a real bonus for someone as energetic as the Hurricane!

Current S Series models also mainly use the Edge Zero II Tremolo system providing pretty much solid tuning stability even during the most insane trem antics.  

Surprisingly, for someone so well known for her shredding guitar skills, one of the most interesting parts of the clinic involved Nita explaining and demonstrating some stretching exercises for warming up. She also gave us some great advice on mental preparation, relaxation and having the courage to do what you believe in!

The whole event was videoed and you can check out the section on stretching exercises here.

After the show, Nita was kind enough to hang with her fans and signed autographs, took selfies and chatted about gear!

Check out photos from the event here and the signing here.

Sounds Great Music host great musicians and other major events all year round. We’ve got Don Alder joining us on the 11th of May for a Masterclass in Fingerstyle, and we have a Line 6 event planned for June, so keep your eyes on our site or you never know what you might miss!



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