Jan 30, 2014

Soldano has earned the reputation of making the best guitars amplifiers in the world. Soldano amplifiers are known for best sound, high-quality and most versatile all-tube guitar amps that money can buy. Founded in 1986 by Michael Soldano in Los Angeles, California, Soldano product line also includes effect units, pedals and cabinets.

Some of the best guitar amps from Soldano include:

SLO 100 Head

The 100-watt Super Lead Overdrive from Soldano is a high-gain modern classic. Over the years it has been the heart and soul of many celebrated players like Eric Clapton, Lou Reed and Warren DeMartini. SLO’s versatility, innovative design and flawless construction simply make it the player’s choice.

Astroverb 16 Head

The 20 watt single-channel Astroverb Amp Head has all the features you want to sound big. 12″ Eminence Legend V121, greasy EL84 tone, and an all-tube reverb circuit to complete the equation. The Astroverb amp head’s reverb is a pair of 12AX7 tubes linked with a 6-spring Accutronics tank.


Soldano’s most versatile amplifier head is loaded with features. Three channels each with individual preamp, volume and bright switch controls, illuminated push button channel selectors, a depth control for bottom end response and parallel, mixable effects loop with channel volume controls.

Hot Rod 25

To celebrate the silver anniversary of building fine guitar amps, Soldano Custom Amplification has made the Hot Rod 25 tube amp head. The preamp circuitry is based on the legendary Soldano 100w Super Lead Overdrive. The product features a tube-buffered, post master volume effects loop and effortless channel switching via foot switch between the Normal and Overdrive Channels. The power section utilises two 6L6 power tubes and a filter choke in the power supply allowing it to deliver much tighter bass and punchier low end than most other amps in its class.

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