Feb 25, 2014

Fargen Amplifiers continue to blow us away with the Retro Classic 25w head.

Fargen Amplifiers have proven a big hit with our customers, since we introduced them to the UK after the 2013 NAMM show. A year on and NAMM 2014 continues to lord this great range of boutique amplifiers from the California custom shop builders who celebrate 15 years or ear melting excellence this year.

With a new range launched at NAMM 2014 including the Fargen Jazz Custom SE combo, The Townhouse 20 and the limited edition red/white/blue High Gain Classic 50, we cant wait to get our hands on these new models when they hit the UK later this year.

But for now, at Sounds Great Music we continue to enjoy the current range and remain the main UK retailer for these super cool amplifiers. They look great, sound great, and are built great and offer great value for money too.

And non more so than the Fargen Retro Classic 25w head. The Retro Classic is also available in a 1 x 12 Combo option, but today we’re focusing on the brilliant head, which we paired with a 2 x 12 Fargen Cab in our recent You Tube demo.


Ben Fargen is no stranger to vintage cool and is clearly influenced by the classic Marshall style in both looks and sound, But this Fargen Retro Classic takes us effortlessly back to a time when hand wired Super Bass and Super Leads were simply the best.

The retro classic is a single channel all tube design, with 3 Tung-Sol 12AX7 preamp tubes, 2 Tung-Sol KT66 Power Tubes pushing 25watts and a single GZ34 Rectifier Tube for vintage response. But before anyone just considers this a Marshall copy, think again! The Retro Classic has a secret weapon! The Fargen Decade switch offers the user three classic tones in one superb amp. This allows a seamless shift from a late ’50s Tweed Bassman (Jim Marshall’s inspiration for the first JTM45) to the vintage snap of a Bluesbreaker-style JTM45, and to the gained-out, raunchy sag of a cranked ’68 Super Bass head. This is complimented by a familiar control layout or presence, bass, mid and treble and a post phase master volume and a variac switch on the reverse panel can drop voltage to tame the 25 watt monster when required.

Fargen Retro Classic Amp Features
’59 position = late 50′s tweed bassman: Plug in your tele and get some smokey greasy blues with that hint of “wood” tone we all love
’65 position = Dead on JTM 45: Clapton Bluesbreaker tone’s….all day long
’68 position = 12000 Series Superbass: You know it…you love it…you want it!

The Fargen Retro Classic should be high on the shopping list for anyone who wants classic vintage Marshall tones, but cannot afford or find the 3 or more models needed to produce this range of sounds and with variac control you don’t need to be playing stadium gigs to get the most from it. This has neighbor friendly volume control combined with enough grunt and dynamic range to cover 99% of most mortals gigging needs.

Fargen Amps – we love em!

Neil Batty




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