Jan 14, 2014

Precision is the key to building a great sounding guitar, the art of which comes from the wood being used. It is hard to make a great sounding guitar but harder to replicate the sound. Thus, to replicate the wonderful sound, Collings guitar has found the right combination of woods.

A mixture of two wood combinations is used by the Collings guitars to create the fantastic sounding instrument. A widely used combination is the Sitka Spruce tops and the back and sides of the Mahogany. Another combination of Rosewood back and sides and Adirondack Spruce tops is also used to make a great tone. Even the small components are carefully chosen to add richness to the quality of the Collings guitar.  Different types of glues are used for different parts of the guitar such as for the bridges and the braces, harder glues are used and for the bindings, the Collings would use softer glues.

Besides these elements, the important factor contributing to the success of these Collings guitars is the hands of people creating and manufacturing it. The major components and small details of the guitar are all important but the person manufacturing or creating the guitar actually make the quality stand out.

These qualities of Collings guitar have made it the first choice among all music lovers. You can also add a tempting factor to your guitar sound by using the stomp boxes or effect types which can be purchased from any reputed musical retailer.



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