Nov 14, 2013

Paul Reed Smith Guitars (PRS) are a leading manufacturer of high-end electric guitars based in Maryland, U.S. established in the

year 1985. PRS Guitars have a reputation of making premium electric guitars which can be bought from reputed guitar shops both online and from the stores who offer PRS guitars for sale. PRS Guitars also manufacture bass guitars and guitar amplifiers.

Paul Reed Smith, founder of PRS Guitars was a guitar player and started making guitars from his college days. Derek St. Holmes, Howard Leese and Carlos Santana are some of the noteworthy guitars players who used his hand-built creation. Smith set up a factory in Virginia Avenue, Annapolis in partnership with his wife and business man Warren Esanu and employed only eight workers. Gradually production increased and by the end of 1998 PRS was manufacturing 700 guitars a month employing 110 people.

PRS guitars are usually crafted of mahogany, with a maple top on most models. PRS’s signature fret markers include the standard birds and the optional moons. The tuners that the model uses are PRS’s own design. PRS model features three original bridge designs: a one-piece pre-intonated stoptail, vibrato and wrapover tailpiece. PRS pickups are designed and wound in house.

PRS have started introducing a new, affordable range of guitars known as the “SE” series. PRS introduces special editions and new versions of guitar models every year. You can easily view and purchase them online from reputed stores who offer wide range of guitars for sale like bass guitars, electric guitars and boutique guitars from leading brands.



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