New arrival Boss Waza Craft Pedals

Dec 03, 2014

We have just had our first delivery of the brand new Waza Craft pedals from Boss.

It’s time to clear some space on your pedalboard—the new BOSS Waza Craft pedals are here! Featuring refined circuit designs and all-analog components, the Waza Craft line provides guitarists the ultimate BOSS tone experience. The debut of this special edition series includes the BD-2W Blues Driver, SD-1W Super Overdrive, and DM-2W Delay. All three pedals deliver the famous sound signatures of the past and present BOSS pedals they’re based on, plus switchable modes for customized tones sought after by serious players.



The BD-2 Blues Driver and SD-1 Super Overdrive are two of the most iconic stomps in BOSS’ long history. Used by legions of guitarists worldwide for decades, these essential pedals are much loved for their sweet and natural overdrive flavors. In addition, their benchmark sound signatures have been often copied in the expanding world of customized and boutique pedals.

Each of the Waza Craft versions of these pedals offer the same familiar controls found on the originals, plus the addition of a sound mode switch. Standard mode (the “S” position) provides the classic sound character of the respective pedal. On the BD-2W, Custom mode (“C”) offers a sound with new body and sustain, while Custom mode on the SD-1W provides new tonal range and gain. In essence, Custom mode on each pedal kicks in a customized, “modded” tone, but with the mod created by those who know these pedals better than anyone else—the engineers at BOSS.

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