A look at the Xotic SP Compressor

Mar 17, 2015

I recently took the to internet to find out what musicians thoughts were on compressor pedals for guitar. I visited the very popular site www.thefretboard.com to get fellow guitarists involved and to see what they thought. It seems that the Xotic SP Compressor was a firm favourite as it was constantly mentioned in posts.

The Xotic SP Compressor offers the same OTA (operational transconductance amplifier) technology used in the legendary Ross compressor (one of the most copied and cloned compressors), however it does so with a micro sized foot print but with enough space inside to fit a 9V battery.

The guitar players we spoke to love the clear clean tone of the compressor and the amount of tweakable controls that Xotic have crammed into such a small box! It was also mentioned many times how it makes the guitar “sing” which is probably down to how tweakable the little thing is.

The controls on the compressor are simple but offer a great range of compression tones from subtle to squashy country twang...

Volume control : Sets the overall level of the effect and can be used to boost the signal up to 15db
Blend knob: This allows the user to set how much of your original signal and how much compressed signal you want coming out of the amp. An extremely useful control.
Toggle switch: A three position toggle for the strength of the compression.

Inside the unit are 4 dipswitches that allow further tweaking of the compressor. Two for the attack and release time of the compressor so you can get a really fast funk slap sounds or a smoother slower attack that’s great for saturated lead tones. The third switch adds an extra capacitor which cuts some of the high frequencies (great for if you want to warm up your sound) and the final switch is for reducing clipping from high output instruments (useful if your using EMG’S)

Total Guitar magazine gets funky.

It is not surprising that this little stomp box has won so many guitarists hearts, its pedal board friendly size and great array of tones make this pedal a firm favorite for any guitarist looking to add a little squish to their sound.

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Written by Danny T.



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