Boss DM-2w Waza Craft

Mar 24, 2015

The Boss DM-2 Delay Pedal was discontinued way back in 1984 and is still very much sought after today. When they appear on the second hand market, they get snapped up and can go for decent money. This is due to the warm bucket brigade analog delay tone.

Now, the DM is back! Boss have released the DM-2w Waza Craft version with switchable sounds modes but still retaining the 100% analog sound. The standard mode give you a lush delay tone with up to 300ms of delay, switch to the Custom mode for a cleaner analog tone but with twice the delay!

So, What exactly is Waza Craft?

Well, Boss have always produced super high quality effects but the Waza Craft pedals are the pinnacle of Boss design and craftmanship. With the final sound approval carried out by Boss Japan, these pedals bring out exceptional tone and response. Add to that the carefulyl selected analog components, refined circuitry and great attention to detail, you have a superb range of pedals.

Here at Sounds Great Music we love our pedal and the new Waza Craft range look and sound amazing!

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