Take bass to another dimension!

Apr 14, 2015

Fender have released a new instrument! The Dimension bass, billed by Fender as “the pinnacle of pro level bass style, power, performance and personality" so let’s dive in and take a look!

Starting from the bass up... (excuse the pun) the instrument is constructed from ash and features a new but familiar body shape. It also boasts a maple neck with a 3/4 inch scale, a five bolt a-symmetrical bolt on neck with an oil finish and the brilliant addition of Fenders neck heel open truss rod adjustment which makes turning the graphite truss rods super quick and easy.

 All this means that the bass is super comfortable to play and Fender bass enthusiasts will feel right at home!

The electronics are where this design really heats up! The American Deluxe version boasts two dimension humbucking pickups which are both toneful and powerful, the most exiting feature however is its 5 way selector switch. This five way switch enables you to coax anything from snarling filthy gristle to sweet mellow soul and all sounds in between! Below is a rundown of what the five way switch does to the sound!

Position 1 : Bridge pickup both coils active

Position 2 : Inner coils of both pickups are active

Position 3 : Both pickups fully engaged

Position  4 : Outer coils of both pickups are on

Position 5 : Just the neck pickup

These electronics are complimented by an 18v preamp which controls the volume, treble mid and bass controls and add all that depth and power that the modern bass player demands

So has Fender created a modern classic? We certainly think so!



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