Dave Gilmour on a budget

Apr 18, 2015

Do you swoon for the sultry single coil tones of the euphonious Fender Stratocaster, but live like me in the worst financial crisis since the great depression?

Introducing the Squier Vintage Modified 70’s Stratocaster

First off,  the Squier has the look. Ever gazed at a photo of David Gilmour weaving a mystical web of psychedelic guitar wizardry and thinking I could do that? Well, with the Squiers lacquered maple neck, iconic 70’s headstock and super cool black finish and hardware, the discerning rock guitar fan would have a hard time telling you and Gilmour apart!

So what’s this whole “vintage modified” malarkey I hear you cry out from the other side of your computer monitors? Well, my little tone fans, the Vintage Modified range takes the idea of a vintage styled and inspired instruments but with practical modern appointments. One of these new features is a modern feeling neck with a 9.5” radius fingerboard and 21 medium jumbo frets. What can be better than that?

Other features include a basswood body which gives the guitar a nice well rounded sound and helps to bring out a lot of the very impressive tone of the three Duncan designed sc-101 single coil pickups. Although these are Duncan designed they don’t lack any of the output of their American made cousins and really help you capture some of those 70’s Strat tones! Add to this, vintage-style synchronized tremolo, authentic looking 70s tuning pegs chrome hardware and your journey to the dark side of the moon will be complete! Wish you were here with the animals..........Ummagumma!





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