Ukuleles - The Instrument of Summer Fun

Aug 19, 2015

Summer is the season of barbecues (come rain or shine) and afternoons in the sun, wherever possible. It’s also the best time to get together with friends and have a bit of a sing song together, whether that means traditional campfire ditties with a guitar or, more often these days, grabbing a ukelele and having a bit of fun.

Why a Ukelele?

Although the ukelele is sometimes considered a bit of a joke instrument, there are plenty of good reasons to make it your instrument of choice. For a start, a lot of ukuleles are quite small, which also makes them easy to carry around. If you’re planning on using an instrument just for small jam sessions with friends in the park then you don’t want something that’s awkward to carry around. Ukuleles have gained popularity partly just for their portability.

But it’s not just portability. The ukulele is an incredibly happy instrument, which makes it perfect for summer fun. The notes that a ukulele makes are traditionally quite high pitched and soft. It’s hard not to smile when you hear a ukulele player who knows what they’re doing. And that’s the final part of why a ukulele is such a great summer instrument. If you’re not planning on making a career or great hobby out of it, you probably want an instrument that has a relatively smooth learning curve, so you don’t need to put in too many hours of practice before playing for your friends.

Ukuleles are much like guitars, on which they were originally based, but with less strings there are less chords to learn. Ukuleles also don’t require a lot of advanced skills to make the most of, just simple strumming and plucking will do the trick most of the time. Of course, if you want to invest a lot of effort, you can do just as much with a ukulele as you can with a guitar, but for a relaxed play session, a ukulele is much easier to start with.

Easy Songs to Learn

Which brings us to what you can play for your friends. Preferably you want a few happy tunes that make the most of the ukuleles unique qualities, and there are plenty of songs out there that are easy to play and sound great on a ukulele.

Pop songs like Bob Dylan’s All Along the Watchtower and the Beatles’ Love Me Do or Octopus’ Garden are good classics for a ukulele player to learn. The brilliant thing is that you can learn the chords, and play them however you like, you don’t need the exact progression laid out in front of you.

There are also a few more ‘traditional’ Hawaiian songs that you can learn on ukulele. For chords and tabs that are easy to learn on ukulele, take a look at this handy guide of 30 beginner ukulele songs.

Where to Find a Ukelele

Sounds Great Music actually have quite a large range of ukuleles for sale, suitable for any price range. For beginners, you might want something on the cheaper end of the spectrum to get you started, but if you want to make the most of your ukulele playing, a more expensive ukulele will give you a much better quality of sound and range of music. We even have a few ukulele banjos for the unique sound that they offer you.

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