7 Cool & Unusually Designed Guitars

Oct 07, 2015

1. ZR Guitars Scarab Fretless [Link]

The appropriately named scarab is smooth, sophisticated, and just a little unnerving, in a Ridley Scott’s Alien sort of way. The combination of light ash and dark mahogany, beautifully finished with flowing curves and sinister spikes make this design one of our favourites, being both simple and unique.

Of course, the guitar is designed for more than just its look, and has a lovely warm tone suitable for melodic styles.

Alligator Biscuit Roundneck

2. Alligator Biscuit Roundneck [Link]

Offering something a little different to your traditional guitars, Gretsch resonators contain an aluminium “Ampli Sonic” diaphragm which not only amplifies the volume but helps to create and retain that classic bluegrass quality. Not only that, but it gives the guitar a quite distinctive look that can’t be mistaken.

Leaf Guitar

3. Leaf Guitar [Link]

Ok, so Sweet Leaf Guitars describes this creation as “Totally Smokin’” but we’ve got to admit that it’s quite a cool design. Being custom made at home, we have no idea what it sounds like, but it’s great to imagine the amount of energy and artistic skill that went into this guitar.


4. Stowaway Travel Guitar [Link]

At first it looks unassuming, just like any ‘ordinary’ guitar, but this guitar is unusually designed in a different way. Designed to be easy to travel with, the neck of this guitar can clip on and off, then be flatpacked down to fit into a smaller suitcase. The guitar even comes in forms that make retuning it easy once you put it back together, and doesn’t require any change of style to simply pick up and play.

Dragon Guitar

5. Dragon Guitar [Link]

Now this is showing off. Not only is this a cool dragon guitar, but it’s twisted into the shape of a treble clef to acknowledge its musical purpose, and it’s still a fully functional guitar. Not only that, but the eyes light up with red lasers to really make a show on stage. Sadly, it’s not actually made from metal, just given a chrome paint finish to look like it is, but you can’t have everything, can you.


6. Steampunk Guitar [Link]

Fans of steampunk style will love this guitar, with its copper pipes and steam gauge making it look like it runs on some otherworldly form of electric. Given a rusted looking finish completes the style, and at the end of the day it’s just a customised Jackson Guitar, so presumably it plays just as well after all the add-ons.


7. Bigfoot Guitar [Link]

It’s Bigfoot’s big foot, as a guitar. Not much more needs to be said than that, really, just look at it!



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