An Introduction to Hagstrom Guitars

Apr 26, 2018

The name Hagstrom was synonymous with quality and alternative aesthetics in their 70’s heyday and here at Sounds Great Music we feel that the current incarnation lives up to the lofty standards of their classic forbears. So whether you are looking for a classic single cutaway design with twist or a semi hollow body that’s helps you stand apart from the crowd look no further than these iconic designs.

Uniquely Hagstrom 

All Hagstrom guitars feature their legendary H-Expander truss rod design which is a masterpiece typical of the pioneering Hagstrom company. It is effectively a lightweight H profile with the circular two way adjustment built into the top of the "H" profile. Having a truss rod like this provides added strength to the neck meaning that breaks are much less likely, it also helps you to get the super low action that Hagstrom guitars are famous for.

Swedish by name

The Swede is arguably Hagstroms most recognisable model, featuring classic appointments such as a single cutaway design, mahogany body, maple top and a pair of alnico humbucking pickups, fans of classic solidbody guitars will feel at home playing this.

However Hagstrom go above and beyond the competition offering this instrument in either at 24.75 inch (Gibson, Swede model) or 25.5 inch (Fender, Super Swede model) scale length meaning that no matter your preference there is a Hagstrom for you. 

Other features offered by the Swede include the addition of brass string blocks at the bridge, helping to give the instrument greater sustain and coil taps meaning that your guitar is a super versatile workhorse.

Not just any semi-hollowbody

The Viking is another Hagstrom Classic, featuring a maple body and neck, these instruments also come with a choice of scale length meaning that fans of fender style instruments who are hankering after a semi need look no further.

Like the Swede’s these guitars also come with coil taps making this one of the most versatile semi hollow body guitars we have come across, did we mention they also do a model with a Bigsby?

In conclusion Hagstrom occupy a unique area in the pantheon of electric guitars. Vintage aesthetics with modern ingenuity, playability and a great affordable price.

We always keep a good selection of these instruments in stock, not only the Swedes and Vikings but also the more oddball designs like the H-II, Impala and the new Ghost signature model, the Fantomen. Be sure to try one out on your next visit to Sounds Great Music.



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