Get The Sound Of… Laura Jane Grace

Mar 14, 2017

Founder and frontwoman of Against Me!, Laura Jane Grace stands out as an innovator and creative voice in modern punk rock. As you might expect from a punk rocker, her stage setup is simpler than you’ll find for a Herman Li or a Zach Myers, but it’s not as simple – never as simple for a stage musician – as one guitar, one amp.

Grace’s 2011 rig consisted of:

The Guitars

Grace favours Rickenbacker guitars, with the 370 and 360 both being to hand for a typical gig. She uses Seymour Duncan pickups and Dunlop picks. She also uses Mogami patch cables.

The Pedal Boards

Unlike many guitarists we’ve featured in this series so far, Laura’s pedal boards are simply enough not to need a separate tech operator. Her guitars feed into an MXR Phase 90 phaser, then a Keeley Knob Compressor. For boost she sticks with Keeley, using the Keeley Katana Clean Boost.

Those three feed into the second pedal board which boasts a Blackstone Mosfet Overdrive, a Line 6 DL 4 Delay Modeler, and a Boss TU-3 Chromatic Tuner.

The Amps

Lastly, the amps. Laura Jane Grace’s amp of choice is a Vox AC-30 C2 Custom amp driving a Vox V121BNX 2x12 cabinet. Both are loaded with celestion alnico blue speakers.

It’s a simpler sound to achieve than many we’ve looked at, but it’s still distinctive and powerful – and that has a lot to do with Against Me!’s enduring popularity.



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