Lessons Aren’t Scary

Jul 26, 2017

We know that music lessons can be a scary prospect. It’s daunting to approach a stranger and a music professional when you’re inexperienced (or have no experience whatsoever) with an instrument. When you’re thinking about taking up an instrument, it’s good to have peace of mind about the instructor beforehand.

We wouldn’t recommend an instructor that we didn’t think had the right attitude and knowledge to help budding musicians. That’s why we can say with confidence, if you’re looking for music lessons in the Manchester area, South Manchester Music should be your first port of call.

Meet Charlie

Charlie has been a teacher at South Manchester Music for over a year. Proficient in acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar, piano/keyboard and ukulele, Charlie has been more than instrumental in helping his students learn to play.

Whatever the style you want to play for, Charlie can help you get there. Maybe you want to play some Chopin on the piano, or to rock some Black Sabbath on the bass? Charlie can get you playing what you want on the instrument you want.

A music graduate (BMus), Charlie prides himself in being friendly, approachable and understandable to people of all ages and walks of life.

Originally a Primary School teacher, Charlie has moved on to teach music to anyone, no matter their age and regardless of skill.

It doesn't matter if you are new to the instrument, picking it up after a break, or you need some fresh direction. Charlie is well equipped and experienced to deliver lessons catered for your abilities.

What’s more, Charlie has stage experience under his belt. Having played as a part of numerous bands over the last five years, Charlie understands what goes into live performances. His students find this knowledge invaluable when it comes to their own gigs.

Book Your First Lesson

At a competitive rate of £15 for weekday classes and £18 for Saturday classes, we offer tuition based on a students' preference; from classical study to rock and pop material, as well as exam preparation, you can customise your learning experience accordingly.

Don't hesitate to contact South Manchester Music for further information. If you’re still uncertain, you can even arrange a free taster class with Charlie, but we’re confident he can get you on the right path for learning your instrument.

Don’t hesitate! Call Charlie today at 0161 436 4799.




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