How Do You Finish A Home Recording Project? Part two.

Sep 19, 2019

I found it was much easier to finish creating and recording the tracks in a project if I could work until it's done. This I found to be rarely achievable unless I had a clear week off work to immerse myself completely. To come back to a project and resume the same creative momentum with which you set out with can be near impossible. I have managed to work around this by always keeping my trusty notebook on hand. By thinking over the project between sessions and keeping notes of ideas to try. This seems to help on two fronts. First, the creative flow is still going as you haven’t completely shut off from the project. Second, when you return to your studio you will have a plan of things to do. I find that the keeping of notes seems to build enthusiasm between sessions so I am raring to go by the time I get back to it.

Try to avoid any significant mixing while tracking your project. I separate tracking and mixing to different sessions. I find that both processes seem to utilise opposing skill sets. Inventing parts uses your creative side. Engineering and mixing uses a more logical approach so it’s best not to let these two skill sets interfere with each other.


I Can Never Get To A Point Where I’m Happy With My Takes


This is a sticking point for most people. We want every take to be amazing and perfect. We try time after time to get a take how we want it. What we often don’t realise is that at some point that take is good enough but we didn’t hear so at the time. Also the longer you take over a part the less enthusiastic the take will be. When performing we hear everything through, what I like to call, an audio microscope. Where it may not sound exactly like how you had imagined, another listener will not have the same reference point as you. It only needs to sound good enough for other people to listen to.

I have even gone with takes that contain a small mistake or two because the rest of the performance was so good! I didn’t feel I could lose it for the sake of a small misdemeanour or two. I soon discovered that nobody else noticed these inadequacies.

Remember to enjoy yourself!

According to youtube star Rick Beato who has re-mastered tons of recordings, almost all have mistakes on them but we have never noticed. So remember that you are making music for other people to enjoy not just for yourself.



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