Music is Instrumental to your Well-Being

Oct 11, 2016

There’s a difference – as any music fan will tell you – between a tune performed by someone who doesn’t enjoy it and the same tune from someone who does.

For most of us, music is one of the things we can turn to when we want to inject a little joy into our lives. Having a guitar or keyboard on hand to play a little on when your mood is running low is a great way to turn your blues into something productive, even outside bands and collaborations – although some of them can be mindblowing.

Who wouldn’t want to join in in something like this Playing for Change global performance of an Otis Redding classic? Watching that video or even just listening to the primary vocalist Roger Ridley sing, the clear joy of their performance stands out – and you just know that everyone involved walked away from the recording with a spring in their step and a smile on their lips.

With or without an audience, there’s something wonderful about playing music, and even if you’re simply putting your own spin on songs everybody knows, that’s great for you and for everyone around you.

We wrote a little while ago about how keeping an acoustic guitar to hand could make you the toast of your friends, and it’s true – seeing people react to a new spin on an old classic, like Jessica Hendy’s club performance of Bonnie Tyler’s legendary Holding Out For a Hero – is fantastic. But it’s just as important to think about what it does for these performers.

Performing music this way will get your blood pumping. Getting the performance right is one of the greatest natural highs out there, and it’s even something that can fire your creative energies and enthusiasm – like the project to record the theme from Friends in every musical style.

Even if you never perform in public or release your bedroom recordings on the internet, the simple act of making music keeps you happier and leaves you energised and ready for life’s challenges.

And what better excuse to you need to do something every musician loves to do?



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