Rise of the Ukulele!

Jun 28, 2017

One of the great things about the internet is that viral videos can cause surprising, otherwise niche topics to get boosts in popularity. We think one of the best resurgences from this phenomenon has been the rise in popularity for the fun and humble Ukulele. With summer around the corner, there’s no better time to start learning!

A Slice of Island Life

As instruments go, it’s iconic. When you hear its sound, you think of its Hawaiian origin and are put into the mindset of a carefree, happy-go-lucky lifestyle. That optimism is what makes it such a popular instrument today.

From impressive traditional performances like Honoka & Azita to ironically chipper covers of metal songs, it’s hard not to love the strum of a ukulele.

But perhaps one of the most well-known pieces that drives home the real beauty of this instrument and the Hawaiian mentality that it goes so well with would have to be Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole’s Somewhere Over the Rainbow. If you needed convincing that this instrument can be truly stunning and evocative, check out the video to the right

Let’s Get Started

If you’re wanting to take up this cheerful instrument for yourself, you’ve come to the right place. Between our bright offerings from the Mahalo Rainbow range to the eye-catching ALIC ukuleles with their 3D hologram-laminate fronts, we’ve got the perfect starter instrument for you.

For ukulele aficionados we stock a broad range of professional ukuleles, from the versatile Baton Rouge Electro Cutaway to the reliable and high-performance Brunswick Mahogany. We can also provide you with bags, tuners, strings, capos – everything to keep you playing for as long as possible.



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