Sounds of the Summer

Jul 05, 2016

Sounds of the Summer

May is here and the sun is in the sky more often than not, and it’s shaping up to be a great summer, warm, dry, and sunny.

That means weekends in the park; it means sitting outside at the end of a workday with colleagues and friends; it means (if you’re a student) plenty of time and temptation to be out amongst the fun, the sun, and the beautiful people.

You can expect a lot of quality time out of doors with groups of friends this year, from barbecues through impromptu parties to the kind of sudden afternoon activity that begins when someone buys a cheap plastic football from a pound shop and ends some hours after the ball has been lost behind a wall somewhere.

Making Memories

At a time like that, you have a chance to create memories with your friends.

To be the life and soul of the party on those occasions just takes one thing; an acoustic guitar.


These sunny days and the guitar are iconic together; the whole idea is intrinsically linked, and it’s a great way to put smiles on the faces of all of your friends – and to turn some heads in other ways.

A good guitar for these purposes is light enough to be easily carried and can be picked up on your way out to whatever impromptu event is just beginning.

Once you’ve got that and you’ve learned a few melodies then it’s time for a rousing sing-song with your friends on the picnic blanket with wine or beer nearby (plectrum optional).

Realise your Dreams

We all know someone who daydreams about learning an instrument but never quite gets around to it; in fact, we’re sure some of the people who read our blogs regularly fit that category.

There are few better reasons to learn the guitar than to have fun with your friends and to make a summer something forever special and golden in memory.



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