The importance of buying local.

May 08, 2019

So, why would you want to buy from your local music store?

These days there is a huge choice of outlets to buy your next musical instrument, you could buy online, at one of the chain stores, second hand online auctions……. or you could buy from your local music shop.

There are some huge advantages to buying locally from a independent store such as Sounds Great. The main thing being, we care! Yes, all the staff at Sounds Great are passionate about music and musical instruments. We are not employed on a commission basis to sell the latest thing whether you need it or not, we actually listen to you, our customer, to see what you need. No pressure.

We understand that you may be able to buy something slightly cheaper online but that always comes with a huge risk. You are buying something you have not seen or played, it will likely not be checked before shipping and certainly won’t be set up to your requirements. Any issues you may have turn out to be a major hassle, especially if you need to return an item.

At Sounds Great, every instrument is checked over before going on display, you can handle the instruments, play them and spend time getting to know them. This may sound odd but buying any instrument is a hugely personal thing and it can take time to choose the right one. You can also chat to one of our guys on the right setup for you and we can offer advice on brands you may not have considered. After your purchase, our after sale service is something we are very proud of. We are right there to talk to about any questions or issues you may have and more importantly, make sure you are happy with your purchase.

We want you to enjoy your musical journey, there is nothing worse to us than hearing of someone who bought an unsuitable instrument and as such has been put off learning an instrument for life.

Which brings me onto music lessons, did you know we also offer music lessons in store? What better than to come and have a lesson and even try a possible future purchase in your lesson!

So, when you are thinking about your first or next instrument. Make sure you get a head start and buy from Sounds Great, your local music shop. We will look after you before, during and after your purchase.

We hope to see you soon!



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