Too Cool for School?

Nov 15, 2016

As November rolls on, many of our favourite young customers are settled down comfortably into the new school year and are casting around for something musical to do.

Between the main Music class and individual classes for different instruments, there are plenty of opportunities to find the instrument you have a real knack for here, and we’re looking forward to seeing many young musicians come through Sounds Great in the next few months looking for a keyboard, cello, clarinet or other instrument they want to master.

Still, every year as this process happens we see a few budding young performers who seem a little upset that their real skill is with a flugelhorn rather than something seen as ‘cooler’ like the guitar.

It can hurt when your skill and your passion are at odds – but any musical instrument can be cool! The key is to find a way to have fun while playing, to do something that makes you excited when you practice.

Perhaps the best way to show this is to mention Postmodern Jukebox, a YouTube sensation that now tours Europe, the UK and America on a regular basis.

The group’s founder, Scott Bradlee, occasionally posts videos to youtube like this one, which shows him having fun with the theme to Tetris and ‘Levels’ by Avicii, mixing the two together to create an incredible earworm.

The band (all the different versions of it, from tight quartets up to a full Big Band) perform modern songs in a way that reminds you of just how great old-school music could be even before the birth of guitar-led rock.

The violins are the anchor to this reimagining of Daft Punk and Pharell’s iconic electronica Get Lucky – and anyone who performs that part is going to look and sound awesome.

There’s nothing about this Call Me Maybe cover that couldn’t be performed by a talented school band setting out to show that, yes, these classic instruments may be overlooked too often these days – but only because we’ve forgotten they’re too cool for school!



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