Boutique / Specialist Amplifiers

If you’re looking for a sound that has been precision-made and hand-crafted at every level, a boutique amplifier is your best bet.

Rather than being mass-produced, our range of boutique and specialist amplifiers have been hand built to create a unique sound. This awe-inspiring mix includes custom-built recreations of older, out-of-production amplifiers and lovingly-produced, unique models, all producing the kind of sound that will blow your mind.

For a truly tailored output and a sound like no other, your best bet is right here. If you’re uncertain as to which boutique or specialist amp will get you the sound you want, visit our store or get in touch. Our supportive team will always be more than happy to help.

Browse our Boutique / Specialist Amplifiers range below

Soldano 212 Closed back cab Black - Cabinet - Soldano - Sounds Great Music


Soldano 212 Closed Back Cab Black


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Soldano 4x12 Straight cabinet - Cabinet - Soldano - Sounds Great Music


Soldano 4x12 Straight Cabinet


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