Charvel Electric Guitars

Our Charvel electric guitars come in a range of finishes to suit your look, whether you like something colourful that stands out, or something subtle that’s easy on the eye. Of course, a Charvel guitar is about much more than looks, and our range contains some top quality products for the guitarist with the most distinguished sense.

At the lower end of the scale, Charvel guitars are easy to play with high quality components, such as the maple fingerboards, which help add to the strength and liveliness of your guitar’s sound. Even at this level, a Charvel guitar helps your music come to life, really supporting a vigorous and energetic play style. At the top end we have some truly legendary Charvel guitars, such as the Guthrie Govan Bird’s Eye Maple Signature Model. If you’re willing to shell out a little extra for the guitar of your dreams, then this is a guitar not to be beaten. It brings your music to life in a way that no other guitar can, imbuing you with the energy of a wild animal.

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