El Rey Effects

Priding themselves as being lovers of all things weird, El Rey have two objectives with each of the pedals they produce – to make them look as cool as they sound. For a unique and rich sound and remarkably stylish enclosures that look great on your board, El Ray have what you need.

A personal favourite would be The Mystic, with its Ouija board look and its versatile overdrive tone, making it ideal for a heavy rock sound. The Chicago Typewriter provides a tremolo to be reckoned with and has an LED on the chassis that flashes in time with the tempo, making it great for changing sound on stage.

El Rey have demo videos for each of their pedals which you can find on their respective product pages, so have a browse and give them a listen. We’ve no doubt that El Rey have something that’ll inspire you. If you’re still unsure, you can always contact us and we’ll help you find your next sound.

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