Moollon Pedals

The Moollon range comes with an unmatched level of rich sound and a precise control range, making their pedals as expressive in their sound as they are in their gorgeous metal castings. Whatever you’re looking for, Moollon don’t just have a pedal that does the job. They’ve got the kinds of pedals that will take your breath away.

Between the thick and swirling tones of the Moollon Chorus, the purity of the Vintage Wah or the intuitive design of their Buffer Age Compressor, the Moollon series blend beautifully with existing pedal rigs or can be brought together to make an array that looks as magnificent as it sounds.

Bound to dazzle and delight, there really are no other pedals quite like them on the market. That’s why we’re so proud to be the UK’s only Moollon pedals dealer. If you want help picking out pedals are right for your needs, contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help you choose.



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