When you’ve been introduced to the beautiful sounds made by the brass section in an orchestra, a jazz trumpeter at the height of their powers, or a traditional British brass band, it’s hard not to fall in love with the power, grace, and beauty of the sound of a trumpet, and once that’s happened, trying it for yourself will always be tempting.

If you’ve truly caught the bug you’ll need a trumpet of your own and that’s where Sounds Great Music comes in. We always have a great stock on hand and we’ll be happy to help you pick out the one that’s destined for you – as well as any accessories you may need.

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Yamaha Trumpet YTR-3335 - Trumpets - Yamaha - Sounds Great Music


Yamaha Trumpet YTR-3335

£580.00 £459.00

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Elkhart Pocket Trumpet Outfit 100TPK by Vincent Bach - Trumpets - Vincent Bach - Sounds Great Music

Vincent Bach

Elkhart Pocket Trumpet Outfit 100TPK by Vincent Bach

£250.00 £187.50

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