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Since 1977 Sounds Great Music have been based in South Manchester at Heald Green. The retail shop is packed with the very best that boutique guitar and effects manufacturers can offer plus a huge range of pianos, keyboards, orchestral instruments and accessories. 

We carry over 2500 stock lines and take pride in the knowledge and expertise of our team. Visitors are always welcome at the shop, but if you are shopping online and still want access to help and advice from our team – no problem! Call any of our experts direct or email using the numbers and links below.

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A family business and still in the ownership of the founders. Phil, Ruth, Mark and Penny Lyon provide a warm welcome to young and old, professional and amateur musicians.

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Neil - Guitar Effects, Amplifiers and our Web Master!

Neil is our electronics guru and is your ‘go to expert’ for the 100’s of pedals, effects, recording equipment and amplifiers available.

Fave band : Judas Priest
Fave Solo : Asgard by Therion 

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Danny T – Electric Guitars, effects and amplification

Metalhead Danny lays claim to our extensive electric guitar section, but the whole team share experience and knowledge of all our brands. However for our online customers Danny T is your ‘go to expert’ for our Fender, Jackson, Charvel, Ibanez, Macpherson, Gretsch…. Aaahhh just too many brilliant brands!

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Danny B – Electric Guitars, Bass, effects and amplification

Danny B has been in the industry for many years and can put his hand to pretty much anything! Be it Pop, Rock, Country, Blues or Jazz he has it covered. His extensive knowledge will help you out with your purchase of anything in our store!

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Gary – Acoustic Guitars

Gary is your ‘go to expert’ on anything involving acoustic guitars. If you are looking for your first acoustic strummer or a top of the range hand crafted instrument, Gary is your man.

Fave Band : The Beatles
Fave Solo : Anything by The Beatles 

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Janice – Sheet Music, Books and Orchestral Instruments

Janice is our  ‘front of house’. The meeter and greeter of our shop and the font of all knowledge when you need help and advice on written music, brass and woodwind, percussion and accessories.

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Charlie - Keyboards

Short on stature but huge on knowledge, Charlie is your go to expert and in house keyboard teacher. His fleet fingers cover any style of music and his expertise on our range of pianos and keyboards will help you with your next purchase.

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