We have a dedicated repairs department here at Sounds Great with in-store technicians for guitar, brass, woodwind, and keyboard repairs.

We can provide restringing at the lower end of the spectrum, and help with custom tuning, rigs, and other important aspects of your setups.

All our setups include adjusting the truss rod, bridge height, checking the nut, checking electronics, cleaning and polishing the frets, cleaning and oiling the fretboard, adjusting the pickup height, setting the intonation and finally giving your prized possession a clean and polish.

We want to ensure that we can support all of our customers, so we offer repairs for amps and PA systems through GEE Electronics, the respected Liverpool repairs company, who collect amplifiers from our store on a regular basis.

Every Job is Different

Whatever your instrument of choice, if we can get it back to tip-top condition for you we will. We know how important a particular guitar or trumpet can be just as strongly as you do!

We take on any job, big or small. From fitting a single string to rewiring your electrics, from a neck tweak to a full refret.

We treat your guitar as if it was our own and get it playing the best we can. With 40 years of repairs under our belt, you can be sure you’ll be well looked after!

But We’re Up to the Challenge

We also offer more in depth repairs. If your guitar isn’t sounding its best anymore, does it sound sad and buzzy? It may need some intensive care… maybe a fret dress or even a full re-fret. We can evaluate your instrument and see what the best option is for you.

Perhaps you’re looking to upgrade your sound? We can help you choose the right pickups for you and install them in house. Got new pickups already? No problem, bring them long and we can fit these too!

Whatever you need – even if you’re not quite sure what you need – bring your gear in and we’ll help you figure it out.



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