65amps Colour Boost


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The 65amps Colour Boost germanium boost pedal is an evolution of the germanium treble booster, which was widely used by guitarists in the late 1960s. When you slip the Colour Boost into your guitar's signal path, your tone will suddenly swarm with exquisite harmonics as you push your amp to its breaking point, almost to the verge of feedback. Also, if you roll back your guitar's volume, you can obtain that elusive "Ticket to Ride" clean tone! With modern attention to build quality, noise floor, and sensitivity, the Colour Boost will end your quest for that indefinable classic sound.


Classic '60s and '70s guitar tone
NKT 274 Premium Germanium Transistor
Modern appointments like SoZo coupling caps, Allen Bradley carbon comps and Vishay Dale metal films
4 way “Voice” that notches midrange frequencies
“Gain” that adjusts the output of the Germanium Transistor