Amptweaker Bass TightMetal Jr


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The Bass TightMetal Jr is a bass version of our popular TightMetal Jr, and includes the Dry Low MOD knob on the side

For years bassists have asked for a Dry Low knob option for the popular TightMetal pedals… this feature is available in bass friendly versions of the popular JR distortion pedal …..introducing the Amptweaker Bass TightMetal Jr. These pedals share most of the tone-tweaking features available on the guitar counterparts, but with the popular Dry Low knob found on other Amptweaker Bass pedals ‘on the side’.  This blend adds in clean lowend to the tone, helping to maintain the bottom without adding weird phase-shifty tones to the distorted highend.

Derived from our Pro series, the Tight control and Fat switches were re-configured into a 3-position Fat/Normal/Tight switch to dial in the attack of the notes from thick and heavy to aggressive and chunky.  An EQ switch similarly provides Thrash/Normal/Smooth tone settings, which helps the pedals cover a broad range of applications and work with various rigs. In addition to Gain, Tone and Volume knobs, there’s also a manually-adjustable Noise Gate which can be cranked to stop notes hard and fast.  And the great thing about a built-in noise gate is that it goes away when you turn the pedal off… your clean tone is unaffected!  And the gate only affects the distorted tone, but not the Dry Low.  The Tight switch and Tone control were tweaked on these bass versions to operate at lower frequencies, making them perfect for bass OR lower tuned guitars such as 7 or 8-strings.  They also work great for guitar rigs that are very bright, and can provide a warmer tone compared to the guitar versions.

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