Anasounds Bumper


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The Bumper is a really small pedal but is full of tricks. This buffer recovers all your pure tone, is transparent and let you change your pickup tone!

Placing this really small pedal (2 inch square) directly in front of your guitar, you’ll recover your genuine signal and avoid line loses. In addition, here is a switch allowing you to transform your guitar pickup!

External settings
Only one switch to set your pickup resonance.

In middle position, you recover the totality of your clean sound and discover the pure tone of your guitar. Just as if you were plugged direct into the front of your amplifier.

In high position, you find an intermediate resonance position, moved to middle-treble. This setting is good for guitar with a lot treble.

In low position, the resonance, you find the maximum of resonance in bass-medium. We call it “the brown sound”. Really sweet and appreciable.

So you set this switch all along your gig and you’ve transformed your pickup instantly!

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