Anasounds Element Premium Spring Reverb Bundle - 1 Pedal, 3 Reverb Tanks


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Back to basics
Since 2017, at Anasounds they took the challenge to offer a reverb with the tone of the legendary fender twin reverb, they wanted an excellent way to find back this particular sound without acquiring such beast. To do this, Anasounds on several technologies, including dedicated digital processors, fv-1s, belton btdr… they tried everything!

Then they finally made an observation, there are very few solutions of 100% analog reverb! Anasounds were surprised to see that this exceptional combination was so underused, the few competitors that started to do it, did not go deep into the concept, large boxes and fairly rudimentary settings. So with the aim of improving this situation, they continued to research in order to propose a new approach of the spring reverb. a twin reverb in a pedal and much more… this is how the element spring reverb was born!

The element is a pedal that takes back the very essence of the analogue reverb, which is obtained by physically stimulating springs thanks to the guitar signal. Simple, no artificials, no calculations. From beautiful mechanics coupled to analog signal processing.

This is the Element pedal plus the thee sizes of spring reverb tanks.

Le bon, is the smallest of the reverb tanks, small in size but full of resources, it is ample enough for guitar and will save room to the point of leaving it attached on top of the pedal board, so you can admire the beauty of moving springs!

La Brute, well, that’s the middle choice! Big enough to offer a lot of shpouing and make most musicians crazy. Its middle size makes it possible to fit easily under a pedalboard, right next to the pedal power supply block or on the keyboard table. it provides much more harmonics than its friend Le Bon.

Le Truand, simply has no competition! This is the one that offers the richest sound! With endless shpouingwingwigouing! A monstrous cavity and an unusual resonance. you will have to find a place for him not far from the amp or near the pedalboard because his size is really big! This is Anasounds favorite, that’s why they decided to build it, despite its size.


For guitarists
Back to the 60’s, californian beach, surfers, guitars, mix out loud, some anthology riffs.

From Dick Dale to David Gilmour through Bob Marley. Even the ambient guys will put away their shimmers and try to come back to the springs!

For synths
A Moog, an Arturia or anything in your hands, a good raw sequence and this reverb will be able to round up the angles, give your sound scope and then bring a good dose of harmonics!



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