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Inspired by the Fuzz Face from the end of 60’s, the Feed Me is a BC108 fuzz.

It sounds at the same time massive, thick and fat, but also allows you to get out of the mix with high frequencies at the limit of an octave up in some cases.

Internals settings of Bias & Trebles allows you to refine the setting, but the Feed Me is designed to be played without asking question!

Internal settings....

  • FEED - sets the attack of your guitar on the preamp of the effect. A lot of Feed means an infinite sustain.
  • FUZZ - Sets the amount of Fuzz.
  • TREBLE - You get the natural sound of the effect when it is at 0. More you turn it, more you cut the treble.
  • BIAS - Set if you want the creamy and massive Feed Me or an insane and explosive germanium fuzz sound.
  • OUT - +15dB at the output.
  • LIGHT - To set the intensity of the backlight of the “As” light.

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