Anasounds Lazy Comp Analog Compressor


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Another compressor?

Tired of spending hours to set thresholds, ratio, attacks, release …?

Anasounds team wondered if it was possible to find compression, dynamics and harmonics in one pedal, thus the lazy comp was born.

The lazy comp is an optical compressor, fully adjusted in house. On the front, there is a single setting: the mix (dry/wet), it… mixes clean and compressed sound.

The lazy side of the pedal refers to the fact that this is a plug & play compressor, just turn the mix potentiometer to find happiness. Despite its apparent simplicity, this analog compressor of incomparable quality hides a specific circuit providing a natural compression and saving the dynamics necessary for a warm and strong sound.

If you want to tweak the pedal further, you can access three trim pots inside the pedal to change the compression and volume.



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