Blackstar ID 60 TVP 1x12 DIGITAL COMBO


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The Blackstar ID:60TVP has been seven years in the making by the team that brought you the Series One, Artisan and HT Venue. This combo gives you full control to sculpt the tone you want with your choice of six power valve types, six voices, EQ and ISF control, and three effects types (which can be used simultaneously), along with ability to save your favourite set ups and recall them at your whim. Light and compact but packing 60 watts of power and a 12-inch speaker, the Blackstar ID:60TVP Combo Amp is perfect for both studio-use and gigging.

Technical Specification

60W, 12-inch speaker
True Valve Power
Voice - select from 6 classic channels
3-band EQ with patented ISF
128 user storable patches
Multi effects - 4 x modulations, 4 x delays, 4 x reverbs
USB connectivity
GUI software
MP3/Line Input
Built-in tuner



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