Blackstar Series One 1046L6 Head and S1 412B Second Hand


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Series One 1046L6 Head
Four selected 6L6 power valves form the backbone of this 100W high gain metal power house and provide unbelievable dynamics and head-room. The DPR control allows the power to be reduced down to 10W for beautiful power amp distortion at a much lower volume level.

Setting new standards in tonal flexibility, the deceptively simple preamp section has four world-beating channels (6 modes) which are further augmented by dual ISF controls.

Series One 412B
The oversized vintage Blackstar cabinets are built to the highest standards using the finest materials. Every care has been taken with the design of these cabinets to ensure that they produce the best possible sounds and will really last a lifetime. Available as an angled cabinet or base cabinet.

All photos are of the actual items for sale. The head is in very good condition and comes with the 4 way footswitch. The cab is also in good condition with some areas where the vinyl has peeled. 

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