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The Bloke finds its inspiration in both classic British 70s and 80s heads plus late 60s American tube bass amps. We meld raw brashness with an incredibly muscular direct driver output section. Bloke overdrive is thick, articulate, and has exceptionally solid speaker control. Massive filter capacitors in all power supply stages further add to the rock-breaking punch. Footswitchable Lead mode increases sustain and odd order harmonic drive - perfect for cutting through on solos.

  • Huge power supply filter capacitors for thick, strong low end
  • Normal and Lead modes with seperate loudness controls - footswitchable
  • 12AT7 direct driver preamp-to-power amp interface for complete preamp dominance over the power tubes (Class AB2)
  • Makes 48 watts using EL34 power tubes (stock), but can use 6V6 power tubes for 23 watts
  • Unique Bass control circuit delivers plenty of bass without getting flabby
  • Optional effects loop
  • 100% point-to-point hand wired
  • Solid pine dovetailed cabinet with integral baffle and floating grill screen
  • Lightweight - great looks!

Technical Specification

Power: 48 watts (EL34), 23 watts (6V6)
Tubes: 3 12AX7, 1 12AT7, 2 EL34
Channels: 1
Controls: Drive, Loudness (Normal), Loudness (Lead), Treble, Middle, Bass
Switches: Normal Gain: Medium/High, Normal/Lead toggle
Footswitch: Normal/Lead
Reverb: No
FX Loop: Optional



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