Catalinbread Perseus Sub Octave Fuzz


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Careful, the Perseus just might take your head off. While the mythology behind Perseus is certainly interesting, the Perseus sub-octave fuzz is actually named after the Perseus cluster, where the lowest note in the universe eminates from a black hole. What’s happening out there is that intergalactic gas has concentrated around a cluster of galaxies, forming a cloud. A massive black hole is sending out jets of particles that crash into the cloud, causing pressure waves to ripple outward. Some astronomers interpret these as sound waves. Of course, even if you call it sound, it’s too low for anyone to hear. They estimate the note to be a “B flat,” about fifty-seven octaves lower than middle C.

"While the Perseus won’t give you 57 octaves below, we do believe this is the coolest analog octave-down fuzz out there! The Perseus is an octave-down fuzz that allows you to select either one or two octaves down mixed with a fuzz sound that you can blend to any mix of the two you want, including just the fuzz or just the sub-octave. The Perseus can track the sub-octave note accurately no matter where on the neck you are playing!

The Perseus features three knobs and an octave switch. While the controls on the Perseus may seem simple, it’s important to know that your guitar’s tone, volume and pickup selection makes a big difference in the Perseus’ behaviour. Download the manual and watch the videos to learn more about how to get the most out of this amazing pedal."

Analog sub-octave fuzzes are notoriously known for their difficult tracking. The Perseus tracks better than any other sub-octave fuzz but still requires some subtle practice for the best possible tracking. With your guitar on the neck pickup, the tone rolled back, and slightly muting the strings the Perseus will give you perfect monophonic tracking up and down the fretboard. Once you're used to playing the Perseus in this manner, you will be able to get even more tonal options by switching your pickup position, tone control, and playing without muting or multiple strings at the same time for some amazing glitchy textures.


Capable of one or two octaves down.
Continuous Blend between fuzz and sub octave.
Monophonic precision or polyphonic glitchiness.
Cut control to tune Perseus to your rig.
Tracks better than other analog sub-octave fuzz pedals.

Technical Specification

2.34" x 4.39" pedal
Battery operation or 9v Negative Tip DC Power
1 mA draw



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