Cornell Romany 12 Tweed


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The Romany 12 is the new updated version of the best selling Romany Plus. It is still one of the best sounding small amps we have heard. The new version features and additional middle control and the EQ cut has now been relocated to a push/pull volume pot. 

The amp still has that amazing Romany tonal responce and 10w output.

The Cornell Romany 12 Combo is designed primarily for studio and home use. However, there is a lot more to it than that. At a maximum of 10 watts, you won't be using it at your local gig, but the Cornell Romany 12 is not small on tone. It will become your friend, a tool to create or develop your personal sound and playing style.

Technical Specification

Hi/Low Inputs
Volume (47k)
EQ Cut (Push/Pull Volume)
Power A/B/C/D

ECC82 x 2
ECC81 x 1
6L6GT x 1

Accutronics Spring Reverb

Speaker: Jenson Blue 12"