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Denis Wick - Trombone Mouthpiece (Various Sizes) DW5880


Denis Wick - Trombone Mouthpiece (Various Sizes) DW5880 has multiple variations

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Denis Wick - Trombone Mouthpiece (Various Sizes)

Denis Wick makes one of the largest ranges of accessories for brass instruments available in the world today. Using both the latest in computer-controlled technology and traditional hand-crafting skills Denis Wick produces a range of accessories that are designed to give the best possible results. Famous for their wonderful sound and brilliant designs.

The entire Denis Wick range of mouthpieces began with a mouthpiece conceived to suit the needs of the London Symphony trombone section playing in the unhelpful acoustic of the Royal Festival Hall in the 1960s. This original design (now the 4AL) has remained popular, but has generated many other types, each of which is made to fulfil a specific function.There is a characteristic clarity, warmth and beauty of sound which no other maker has been able to match. Intonation and flexibility have been brought to a state of perfectionwhich has helped to create the highest standard of trombone playing ever, in all areas of activity

These Classic style Trombone mouthpieces are plated in beautiful, extremely hard-wearing silver.


  • 4AL - Large Bore Trombone/Euphonium - Barrel Backbore - The classic euphonium model, also good for powerful trombonists
  • 4BL - Large Bore Trombone - Medium Backbore - Clear ringing sound with good high register
  • 6BL - Large Bore Trombone - V type Backbore - All round best seller. Good in all registers
  • 6BS - Medium Bore Trombone - V type - All round best seller, as above


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