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What do John Mayer, Joe Bonamassa, Keith Richards & Carlos Santana all have in common ? (besides alot of talent and money ),they all use DLS Effects.

DLS effects are engineered by boffins who are also guitarists, they have perfectly blended analog and digital technology to create some of the warmest and versatile modulation effects on the market. All effects are hand crafted in the USA and guarantee to give you the vibey sounds you have been dreaming about.

Welcome to the pure analog, Versa Vibe? by DLS Effects?! This new effect is called ?Versa Vibe? for a reason,? it is more versatile than most vibe effects out there! DLS innovation includes Optical Technology plus industry New controls such as; Bass Throb, Wet-Dry, and Waveform pots to dial in any Vibe sound imaginable! There is even a new internal Brightness pot to adjust brighter or darker chorus (Vibe) Tone.

Switch between Vibrato & Chorus for pitch bending vibrato, or signature Trower and Gilmour vibes. Dial in that classic Jimi & SRV sound, or vintage Magnatone® amp vibrato, not to mention some new radical vibes like double pulse throb sounds. Select Vintage for more intense, thicker, traditional sounds, or switch to Modern for brighter tones.



All analog circuitry! Optical Technology produces extremely warm sounds with versatility.
Waveform: Controls the personality of the vibes from smooth to abrupt
Wet/Dry: Use to adjust the Chorus or Vibrato from liquid to dryer sounding chorus and vibes
Bass Throb: Adjusts how much bass throb from mild to heavy bass throbs
Depth: Controls the depth of the Vibes
Rate: Controls the speed of the Versa Vibe
Rate LED: Red LED blinks at the Versa Vibe rate
Modern~Vintage: set for 60s style thick vintage, or brighter Modern sound
Vibrato~Chorus: set for pitch bending Vibrato or Liquid Vibes
Output Volume: Volume output on OUTA (from mild to boost levels for leads)
Internal Brightness Pot: Adjust brighter or darker Chorus
Expression Input: Plug expression pedal to control Rate (recommended Yamaha FC-7, Roland EV-5, Boss )
Internal INA Pot: Adjusts the input gain level of Input A
9vdc input: 2.1mm jack, any polarity (Worry free if using your 9volt pedal board supply)
Internal charge pump: increases voltage for pure analog sound with high head room to prevent clipping