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Denis Wick Classic Trumpet Mouthpiece (Various Sizes) DW5882


Denis Wick Classic Trumpet Mouthpiece (Various Sizes) DW5882 has multiple variations

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Product Description

Denis Wick Classic Trumpet Mouthpiece (Various Sizes) DW5882

Denis Wick makes one of the largest ranges of accessories for brass instruments available in the world today. Using both the latest in computer-controlled technology and traditional hand-crafting skills Denis Wick produces a range of accessories that are designed to give the best possible results. Famous for their wonderful sound and brilliant designs.

These Classic style Trumpet mouthpieces are plated in beautiful, extremely hard-wearing silver. Each model gives the player subtly different tone colours and individual characteristics. From the grandest symphonic sounds of the largest types to the shallowest and mostbrilliant jazz mouthpieces, and for C, D and piccolo trumpets every need is provided for. The HEAVYTOP mouthpieces are increasingly popular with the younger generationof professional symphonic trumpeters and amateurs continue to enjoy the user-friendly regular models.

Maurice Murphy, for 30 years Principal Trumpet of the LSO, and a truly legendary figure inthe world of trumpet playing, has teamed up with former LSO Principal Trombonist, DenisWick, to design these new trumpet mouthpieces. Reflecting Maurice's unique playing style,they all provide a brilliant and powerful yet lyrical sound, with superb control at all dynamics

Sizes we offer:

  • 1.5C - 'Maurice Murphy' Signature Model - Large symphonic: More brilliant and more flexible. The classic symphonic mouthpiece; excellent control and clean sound
  • 4B - Medium cup Barrel Backbore - For Beginners, a perfected version of a popular American early 20th century mouthpiece.
  • 4C - Shallow cup Barrel Backbore - For Beginners, brilliance and solid sound with minimum effort make this model popular with amateur players.

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