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The Hoof is a no-fuss, easy to use device capable of sounds from warm, gritty overdrive to a huge sustaining fuzz. It's a germanium/silicon hybrid muff style fuzz (based on the old green russian muff) with massive amounts of volume on tap and smooth amp-like sustain. It has a tighter, cleaner sound than most muff's which makes it more cutting and discernible in a band setting. The shift control is the key to the Hoof's character, it alters the frequency response of the tone control. Clockwise scoops the mids and counterclockwise enhances the mids. The Hoof has become the go-to fuzz for many well known fuzz connoisseurs. Tone Reaper Description:The Tone Reaper is a vintage style fuzz device based on the "3 knob" bender. It's a silicon/germanium hybrid capable of producing a wide range of tones from every bender era with careful tweaking of the tone and fuzz controls. From thin and spitty to thick growling sustain, its all here. Measures5.5″ x 4.5″ x 2.5″ with knobs. PowerA standard 9 DC power supply intended for musical instruments with a negative center 2.1mm barrel, 100ma minimum. We strongly recommend a high quality power supply with isolated outputs and good filtering to avoid unwanted noise. No battery Option. Controls Tone Reaper Tone: Treble to the left, Bass to the right Fuzz: Controls the sustain and nature Level: Controls the output HoofFuzz: Controls Sustain and GainTone: Treble to the right, Bass to the leftLevel: Controls the outputShift: Controls the mid frequencies. More pronounced to the left, scooped to the right.

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