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El Rey Effects Billy Jack Fuzz


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Are you a bass player looking for a thick bottom end?

Do you like to go from crazy dying battery sound to full on Chainsaw?

Well, look no further than the El Rey Billy Jack Fuzz, featuring 4 mindblowingly useful controls...

  • Punch - Controls the gate, go from smooth and flowing to tight and punchy
  • Kick - Controls the fuzz, kick it low or full in the face!
  • Tone - Its just that! Low to high, that's all folks!
  • Volume - This is your output, keep it down and mellow or roaring monster fuzz



Controls are as follows:

Punch - Controls the gate. Leave it low and the sounds will flow, Punch it up and it keeps the sounds nice and tight

Kick - This controls how much FUZZ you want. Kick it low, Kick it high.

Tone - It's just that, low to high frequencies.

Volume - Overall output, Krank it up for MONSTER FUZZ or tweak it down for just a little bit of drive.



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