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El Rey Effects Lucha Fuzz


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You know when you watch the wrestling, sometimes you root for the little skinny one and sometimes you cheer for the giant man mountain?

Well, this pedal is like having both those guys in one box, go from thin nasaly skinny fuzz to full on mountainous pile drive you into next week fuzz. This pedal is so much fun its crazy!

The controls are so simple any one can use it.....

  • Grapple - Controls your fuzz, tweak your kneecaps or full on clothesline to your laughing tackle
  • Headlock - Tickle your ears or pummel your brain, this is the tone control
  • Piledriver - The finishing move, show mercy or finish him. This is the volume!





Grapple - How much you headlock your sound will depend on this knob, lower for a quick grab, all the way up for the bone crusher!

Headlock - Fat Head? Pencil Head? This is your tone...tweak to your hat size

Pile Driver - Go for the finishing move! This is your volume. Leave it low to show them mercy or full on to...."FINISH HIM!"

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