Fulltone '70 BC-108 Fuzz


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Michael Fuller does it again with the outrageous 70s style Fuzz pedal. Fulltone discontinued this pedal a couple of years ago, but the fuzzfaces just couldnt stay away, so now its back with updated transistors for an even more raucous fuzz sound. This pedal knows no bounds so keep it under control, or let it run riot - its your choice!

The return of the 70 pedal in a small (OCD-sized) housing. These BC108C transistors sound outrageous! This model 70-BC will still have the secret-weapon ''Mid'' knob which will allow you to do something other Fuzzfaces wont let you do....be heard in the mix.

Every played an original FuzzFxxe from around 1970? Hint: not AT ALL the same sound as ones with the same namesake being mass-produced currently) Fulltone's has two intentionally mismatched (for Harmonic content) Silicon transistors that snarl and spit... not for the meek!

If you put the ''Fuzz'' on 10 you will rip, and you might get all sorts of oscillation and weirdness...but thats Rock. Dont try using it with a wah wah...you cant, and neither could Jimi, without it screaming and howling. You want polite and quiet?...go elsewhere. You want art in a box? Come on in.

Housed in a 16 gauge steel box and Powder coated Deep Blue, this pedal is a bit unruly but with some warmth... ideal for older 4 input Marshall amps, it has much more FUZZ than the 69 Pedal and includes a Mid control for extra clarity and cut. Fulltone got their hands on Eric Johnsons Blue Fuzzface that he used from ''Tones'' through ''Ah Via Musicom'' period (now owned by Ian Moore) and incorporated a few of its tonal secrets into the 70 pedal with staggering sonic results! Specifications subject to change at any given moment due to parts availability and due to whimsy. 



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