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The FuzzTool© CS MKII is a flexible effect pedal that can create sounds characters from a fat gating fuzz sound to mild distortion and all in between. It is a very dynamic effect following the dynamics of your playing style by articulating the volume differences and attack. You can go from a transparent clean sound via crunch to high gain by using your playing dynamics and guitar volume knob. Most users keep the effect on all the time!

  • Transistor mode switch - With this switch the transistor set-up can be selected 
  • Ge Ge = Germanium only mode, in this mode two matched germanium transistors are used to create the original pre 1969 Fuzz Face sound. It gives a smooth character with good clean up character.
  • Ge Si = Hybrid mode, in this mode a medium gain silicon transistor is matched with a high gain germanium transistor. This results in increased gain and "Fuzzyness", a "controlled" past 1969 Fuzz Face sound. When gain and TMF are fully open you can create a farthing, gating Fuzz sound.
  • Bias - With this control you can adjust the Fuzz intensity by biasing the input signal. It also provides a way to compensate for a high output level of your guitar making it suitable for use with a higher output humbucker based guitars, normally sounding too muddy or not cleaning up when turning guitar volume down.
  • Contour - This control adjusts the sustain and harmonics. You can go form a "farthing" sound to a dynamic open sound turning it clockwise. A side effect is that it also increases the overall volume level.
  • T.M.F. - The Treble Mid Full adjustment controls the frequency boost range by adjusting the signal low frequency content. Turning it from left to right the sound characters shifts from Treble through Mid to Full(range) boost. In Full position this device is acting as a standard Fuzz. In Treble to Mid position the bass content will be reduced and the FuzzTool© CS MKII will act as a distortion with increased dynamics. This control interacts with the gain control; when gain is fully open the control has the biggest influence.
  • Volume - With this control you can set the effect overall output volume.
  • Active /Passive - This two position push button located next to the input plug activates the Impedance Conversion Interface (ICI). The ICI can be activated <down position> when active elements (EMG pick-ups, Wireless System, Compressor, etc) are inserted between the guitar and the FuzzTool© CS MKII. The ICI will convert the impedance of the active input signal so that the FuzzTool© CS MKII will not be noisy and shrill. When using a guitar with passive pick-ups and wired directly to the FuzzTool© CS MKII the ICI should be deactivated <up position> otherwise the treble response will be reduced.



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