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The allround Fuzz based on the famous Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face. Dial in from a thick Fuzz to a dynamic distortion with the TMF (Treble Mid Full) adjustment.


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Like the original Fuzz Face, the core of the FuzzTool Junior© is a dual transistor voltage feedback amplifier. The voltage feedback principle is intended to get more gain from a lower gain transistor, in the Fuzz Face it creates the typical touch sensitive character and dynamic response on the use of the guitar volume knob, the so called “clean up” effect. The FuzzTool Junior© is basically a Fuzz Face extended with features that increase operating flexibility and solve shortcomings of the original design but do not change the original Fuzz Face sound character.

Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face History
The Fuzz Face is the most famous type of fuzz pedal and has become a legend because of it’s dynamic character. It is developed in 1966 by a company called Dallas Arbiter. The Fuzz Face is known in two configurations (1) the pre 1969 version executed with germanium transistors and (2) the post 1969 silicon transistors based version. They both have a different distinct character; germanium is soft and bluesy, silicon has more gain and sounds more harsh, thus more rock character. Famous guitar players who create(d) their unique sound with a Fuzz Face are: Jimi Hendrix, Steve Ray Vaughan and Billy Gibbons.

Tony Spinner: "With my Les Paul I got a great retro tone like old Z.Z.Top. That cool early Billy Gibbons tone! With the Strat, I got the classic Foxy Lady, Hendrix tone“

Excellent condition, there a some minor scratches on the bottom of the pedal. Comes with original box.

Technical Specification

Hybrid transistor setup - a NOS low gain silicon transistor combined with a medium gain NOS germanium transistor. This results in increased temperature stability while retaining the germanium character and clean up capability.
Gain control - control the amount of Fuzz
Continuous variable range control (T.M.F.) - dial in the amount of bass and go from thick fuzz to dynamic distortion
Volume control - adjust the overall output volume of the effect
The PaulSwitch Jr.® - robust true bypass footswitch to switch effect on/off & to avoid tone sucking in bypass operation
External power supply - (noise reduced) providing the option to use an external power supply without inducing noise or changing the character of the sound.
Reverse and over voltage protection - to protect the sensitive germanium transistor and keeping the pedal running for many years to come
Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) suppression - avoiding radio signal reception when using high gain setting in combination with turning down guitar volume



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